Comprehensive List of 12-Step Recovery Groups

(in alphabetical order)

Adult Children of Alcoholics If you grew up in a Pastor’s or Missionary’s home, there is a good chance you qualify. If you grew up in military home, there is a good chance you qualify. If you grew up in a home where alcohol or drugs were frequently used, you qualify.

Al Anon Did you grow up in an alcoholic family? Is your spouse drinking more than you wish they were? Do you have close friends that drink too much? This group is for you.

Alcoholics Anonymous Struggling with Drinking? This is your go to.

Celebrate Recovery A Christian “catch all” 12 step, but not 12 tradition group. There is typically a time of worship and then people break into small groups around their particular issue. Anonymity can be an issue here for pastors.

Codependents Anonymous Some people struggle with many of the issues addressed in Adult Children of Alcoholics and Al Anon and yet do not identify any substance abuse as a cause and so they are uncomfortable in those groups. If this is you, check out CODA.

Debtors Anonymous Many pastors and artists not only struggle with low incomes, they find themselves driven to spend money in order to change their moods and dull their feelings. If you relate, this group might be for you.

Food Addicts Anonymous A very stringent and rigid 12 step program for those that find themselves turning to food for mental health. This is not for the faint of heart. Those who stick with this like structure and don’t mind and almost fundamentalist approach to the 12 steps. Willingness and surrender are key to success in FA. For those that stick with it, it has completely changed their lives.

Gamblers Anonymous Speaks for itself. If you are hiding a gambling problem, please get help. It has disastrous affects not only for you but also for those that love you. It is very difficult to address all the hidden issues going on in a gambling addicts head and heart and GA does a great job getting to the heart of the matter.

Narcotics Anonymous In NA an addict is an addict is an addict. It doesn’t matter your addiction, they are there to help. Please be aware that if you wad up a piece of paper and throw it in an AA meeting you have about a 1 in 4 chance of hitting a sex addict that probably doesn’t know it. If you do the same in an NA meeting the number goes up to over 90% at least. Many drug addicts use sex to stop using substances and so for those early in recovery from sex NA meetings are not always safe places to be.

Prodigals International This is an intensive Christian 12 step that focuses on cognitive behavioral change for those struggling with sexual addiction. They use materials from all the other 12 steps and focus on study and discipline to be the agents of change. It is highly structured. For those who are wired that way it is a great place to check out.

SAnon This is the 12 step twelve tradition group for family and friends of sex addicts or sexaholics. Many issues that spouses of sex addicts face are different than the issues spouses of alcoholics face and SAnon addresses some of those issues. Sometimes members of Al Anon who visit SAnon complain because every once and awhile SAnon can devolve into a gripe session.

Sexholics Anonymous SA is the most structured of the sexual addiction 12 steps. It falls most closely in line with AA and has the closet parallels to evangelical Christianity. It focuses on lust being the issue, and lust is defined as anytime one demands God provide the world differently than he currently is. Its sobriety definition is clear but allows people latitude to get around such issues as pornography. Because SA defines sobriety as no sex outside of marriage and defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, some are uncomfortable with the fellowship. This is Stephen’s choice of sexual compulsivity fellowships.

Sex Addicts Anonymous The 12 step group spearheaded by Dr Patrick Carnes, this 12 step twelve tradition group allows participants to define their own level of sobriety. They talk about three circles to help members have a pathway to sobriety. Once again it focuses on a cognitive approach where mindfulness rules. It is the most therapeutic of the 12 step fellowships.

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous This group focuses on relationship addiction as well as sexual addiction. The person know the difference in that they are aware that they are scared not to be in a relationship and sometimes sex play a huge role in that. In this it overlaps with CODA and ACA.

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous This group focuses on providing safe places for gays and lesbians that are struggling with sexual addiction issues. It is not exclusive to the gay community anymore than any of the others are focused on the heterosexual community.

Workaholics Anonymous Many artists and pastors escape life through their work. What is worse, is that it is considered acceptable. If you relate to this, this 12 step group is for you.