How We Work

Gracefall has two distinct departments:

Gracefall Counseling

(opening late August of this year)

Exists to serve the Camas/Washougal communities. providing excellent relationally centered psychotherapy for people wanting to address relational, emotional, and mental concerns. Believing that lasting change always occurs in the context of relationships, Gracefall counselors focus their energy on creating safe mental and emotional places — holding judgment and shame-free space —  for people to courageously change.

The counseling department was started in part to serve as a base of operations and support for Gracefall’s other department.

Gracefall for Ministry Professionals (open now)

Gracefall provides member care for missionary families serving with Artists & Christian Testimony Intl.

  • When missionaries experience trauma
  • When ministers question God
  • When missionaries experience burnout
  • When they question themselves and / or their circumstances.
  • When conflict arises within teams or families
  • When crises either of their making or imposed upon them explodes

Gracefall serves ministry families across the world that are in crisis or who know they need coaching to avoid crisis

  • When a pastor’s spouse discovers pornography on their partner’s computer and doesn’t know to whom they can talk.
  • When a clergy member realizes that if they continue their current trajectory, they will lose their families and ministries
  • When a pastor is involved in an inappropriate relationship with a member of their congregation or community
  • When anyone in the pastor’s family feels betrayed by another family member, congregant, or system
  • When a pastor’s kids need help
  • When someone in ministry is keeping secrets they know will destroy them
  • When shame becomes too much to handle
  • When anxiety or depression seem to take hold

Gracefall operates as Crisis Insurance for Churches

  • If a church experiences a crisis, Gracefall promises guaranteed immediate, professional help
  • If a pastor wants/needs someone with whom they can be authentic Gracefall will be there
  • If a pastor needs counseling without the whole world knowing, Gracefall provides the service.
  • If there is sexual malfeasance in the congregation Gracefall will work with them and / or the denomination to address the issue with forthright kindness
  • Providing helpful, engaging and timely education for churches on topics ranging from relationships to anxiety, parenting to shame
  • Perhaps there are other ways that Gracefall can serve you. Let us know. We are happy to meet in person or via Vsee / Skype / Google Hangouts as well as over the phone.
  • If you’d like to know our theoretical orientations or guiding principles; please see the individual counselor pages to find links to their influences and approaches