Startling Numbers

There are approximately 600,000 paid clergy in North America.
Over 65% of them were abused as children, and most have not addressed that abuse. (1)
The average congregation in North America is between 100 and 700 members. (2)

Pastoral Burnout (3)

100% of pastors had a close associate or seminary buddy who left the ministry because of burnout, conflict in their church, or from a moral failure.
90% of pastors stated they are frequently fatigued, and worn out on a weekly and even daily basis (did not say burned out).
89% of pastors considered leaving the ministry at least once.
77% of pastors report marriage discontent.
75% of pastors feel unqualified and/or poorly trained to lead, manage, or counsel their congregations
72% of pastors stated they only studied the Bible when preparing for sermons or lessons.
71% of pastors state they are burned out, battle depression & fatigue on a daily/weekly basis.
57% of pastors would leave ministry if they had a better place to go-including secular work
Only 38% of pastors use Scripture as a part of their regular devotional practice
Only 26% of pastors report regular personal devotions and report adequate personal, and spiritual growth.
Only 23% of pastors feel happy and content spiritually, in their church, and at home!

Pastoral Personal Health

70% of pastors report ministry damaged their self-esteem.
57% of pastors do not exercise or have a regular exercise plan
Only 56% of pastors regularly take a day off each week
46% of pastors experienced depression or burnout and needed to take a leave of absence.
21% of pastors do not take any days off
Only 21% of pastors acknowledge having hobbies or outside interests

Clergy Sexual Misconduct (4)

51% of pastors say that Internet pornography is a possible temptation for them Approximately
20% of the monthly calls to Focus on the Family’s Pastoral Ministries Division are because of sexual misconduct and pornography
More than 30% of pastors are functionally addicted to Internet pornography (5)
More than 15% of pastors engage in sexual behavior that they consider inappropriate (6)
10-14% of pastors have sexual contact with someone other than their spouse while employed as a minister (7)
There are an average of seven victims of clergy sexual misconduct per affected congregation (8)

Ministry Family Struggles

80% of pastors say they have insufficient time with spouse
48% of pastors think being in ministry is hazardous to family well-being
58% of pastors’ spouses work to supplement family income
66% of pastors’ families feel pressure to appear to be an ideal family

Ministry Spouses

56% of pastors’ spouses say they that they have no close friends
45% of pastors’ spouses say the greatest danger to them and their family is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual burnout

Pastoral Life in the Church

90% of pastors work more than 46 hours a week.
75% of pastors report they’ve had a significant stress-related crisis at least once
50% of pastors do not believe that they are capable of meeting job requirements
40% of pastors report serious congregational conflict at least once a month
40% of pastors say they’ve considered leaving their pastorates in the last three months.
19% of pastors indicate that they’d been forced out of ministry at least once during their ministry
Another 6% said they’d been fired from a ministry position

Congregational Expectations & Realities

On average, churchgoers expect their pastor to juggle an average of 16 major tasks each week
Pastors working less than 50 hrs/week are 35% more likely to be fired
90% of pastors work more than 46 hours a week
50 percent of all congregations in the United States are either plateauing or declining
67% of pastors reported that their congregation experienced conflict during the past two years; more than 20% of those were significant enough that members left the congregation
The typical pastor has his/her greatest ministry impact at a church in years 5 through 14 of his pastorate
The average pastor lasts only five years at a church

Social and Emotional Health

70% of pastors don’t consider that they have a close friend
Only 55% of pastors indicate that they receive support from a supportive small group
50% of pastors state that they’d see another pastor for counseling;
21% indicate they’d see no one

Preparation for Ministry

90% of pastors feel inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands
31% of pastors indicated that their seminary or Bible college training did not prepare them to handle conflict

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