Churches sometimes have difficult questions to answer when faced with a pastor’s ethical crisis. Gracefall helps churches navigate those waters.

Here is some initial information:

  1. Please seek legal counsel. There are so many laws and protections for employees that churches need to be aware of. A good employment lawyer is really helpful to navigate these waters.
  2. Please don’t move too quickly: Fast, pray, seek the Lord’s face. Moving too quickly normally means that you are moving in the power of the flesh rather than the power of the Spirit
  3. Don’t gossip. It will kill the church
  4. Keep loving. No one is completely defined by their actions either good or bad.

There are countless other questions that need to be asked and answered. Please reach out to us for a consultation to help you love the congregation, the pastor, and his family well. You too, can be more beautiful on the other side of this fracture.