Artists in Christian Testimony, International



Our role in ACT Intl.

  • Provide companionship for the journey for ACT Missionaries who listen – really listen when missionaries need someone to talk with.
  • Offer ways for artists to dive into spiritual formation.
  • Create therapeutic space that is safe for our missionaries to explore how their pasts are affecting their present realities and are affecting their art.
  • Embrace each individual irrespective of their gift(s) by placing value on the person rather than the utility of their gift(s); creating real intimacy among cadres of artists who want to walk with others, turning away from isolation.
  • Graciously, courageously, creatively and lovingly push through to the trauma and pain that lies behind the smile.

Painted smile

The Process

Gracefall staff connect with ACT Intl. missionaries primarily through online mediums. There is much to like about Zoom meetings. That is our primary medium. Gracefall staff discretely walk with ACT Intl missionaries under a mandate not to report illicit behaviors that might require the missionary to take a break from their work. Everything remains completely confidential.

Gracefall staff create a personal, confidential and safe spaces for missionaries to explore and feel in ways they have never been able to before. We create space for spiritual formation, providing safe, holy spaces for trauma to be discovered, named and addressed, dragging shame into the light, so that it loses its power.

In addition, Gracefall hopes to facilitate small gatherings and cohorts of ACT Intl staff around the country for the purpose of spiritual formation, emotional healing, and renewal.

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