AlexAlex is currently a therapist in a rural community mental health system. He works with persistently mentally ill clients, which is both exhausting and fulfilling.

Alex began his second (third maybe… or perhaps fifth) career as a clinical intern at Meier Clinics (previously Minirth-Meier Clinics). There, he provided psycho-education, group therapy, and individual therapy to a variety of clients, including married couples and pastors, as part of an intensive 3-week outpatient program. Henry Cloud’s book, Changes That Heal: How to Understand Your Past to Ensure a Healthier Future, formed the basis of his teaching and therapy during this time.

Prior to this sweeping career change, Alex was a freelance copywriter for various organizations, including World Vision. This work tied in well given previous experiences in nonprofit leadership, church marketing, and nonprofit strategic fundraising.

Alex has a dark, and (usually) hidden past in web product management and technology marketing. He knows more about web technology than he cares to admit. While he is no Sergei Brin, Alex’s technical expertise has served him well in the unlikeliest of arenas. A significant stint as a technical producer in the corporate trade show world also added some fine experience in media production on a large scale.

When Alex is not thinking about interpersonal dynamics or theology, he spends time with his lovely wife, stepdaughter, and infant son riding bikes, keeping Portland less weird, and spending time with old and new friends. Alex and his wife also serve by encouraging people struggling with divorce. They also serve at the Community of Hope, mentoring families at risk of homelessness. His recent interest is crafting a secret garden in his back yard where people can gather in fellowship over beer and local food. In the midst of all this, he and his daughter sing and perform in the Portland Revels artistic community.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications – Pacific Lutheran University

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology – The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

Master of Arts in Christian Studies  – The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology